7 Secrets of Relationship Alchemy

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Irina and Dan Litvin are a living inspiration of how to manifest and manage a happy relationship.

They found each other at age 19 and were able to build a loving and deeply connected relationship that their souls were longing for. When life presented unexpected turns and challenges, Irina and Dan went through them hand in hand with love and grace and came out empowered, looking at these challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve. This approach, based on solid values and conscious awareness, helped them gain a deeper understanding of how relationships work and what can be done to make them work better.

Both Irina and Dan have been studying various fields of Metaphysics for over 18 years, passionately applying everything they learned in everyday life. This passion and commitment to be of service allowed them to create exact steps that their clients can easily follow and transform their relationships.

All the principles Irina and Dan teach today have been tested throughout the many years they have been together and are just as effective today as they were 10 years ago. They are pure gems!

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