Happy  Relationship Secrets in 90 Days

Embracing the New Paradigm

What if you could transcend what is pulling you and your partner apart?

What if the fire of your hearts could come together in the unison of true unconditional love?

Have you ever wished to feel awesome every day, to be really happy, and to share it with your partner, enjoying fulfilling and meaningful life TOGETHER?

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to get to the root of your issues and dismantle them? How great would it be to free up your energy stuck in replaying karmic patters, and open up to more love and passion in your relationship? Wouldn't it be nice to give your union a chance to manifest its highest potential as a soulful connection? 

What if all that could become your reality?

We, Irina and Dan Litvin, are the founders of One Tribe Counseling, a dynamic life-changing platform to uplift, empower, and transform people’s lives.

On our own romantic journey, we have been through all kinds of challenges and difficulties. We managed to not only preserve our feelings and polish our relationship throughout the many years but to also develop, test, and fine-tune a set of tools and strategies to navigate through life as a couple with ease and joy.

As a result Happy Relationship Secrets in 90 Days - Embracing the New Paradigm program was born. We put it together because so many spiritual couples need help with their relationships, need guidance, and a system that works. It is an easy streamlined system which walks you through the path of transformation and teaches you to get the most out of different life situations, to resolve conflicts with integrity, coming from a place of unity rather than duality. 

This program offers a clear path, broken down into steps you can easily follow to create tangible results.


What Makes Happy Relationship Secrets in 90 Days a Fantastic Program?

Program Highlights

  • It is a proven step-by-step system to create a relationship of your dreams.  We deliver hot content that anyone can apply and get amazing results in their relationship. We have tested it in our own relationship over the many years we have been together, and it works every time. In the program, we explain complex concepts and break them down into easy-to-understand pieces, and provide lots of action steps to implement new material. 
  • It is a program that fits your lifestyle perfectly: it is an online program with content delivered by-weekly, including private healing and counseling sessions that are done remotely. You can access the material at the time convenient for you, plus you will have lifetime access to all the material. 
  • ​Presented mindsets and concepts will empower you to revolutionize your relationship and bring a sustainable change.
  • ​You have access to your mentors. You will meet with Dan and Irina for Q&A 4 times during the program, as well as twice for private counseling sessions. Irina will also help you heal hurt emotions and restore inner peace and harmony in the course of 4 remote healing sessions within this program. 
  • Take advantage of unique guided meditations specifically recorded for this program to help you stay focused, reach deep within, work on subconscious patterns, and make a commitment to your lasting happiness an easier and faster process. 
  • Benefit from Kundalini Yoga meditations and sets that are handpicked by Irina and Dan to help you reprogram your mind and speed up the shift in awareness that your heart desires.
  • You will also receive clear guidance and lots of tips on how to emprove your sex life and make it more exciting for both, including a juicy bonus of Ayurvedic love potions.
  • Get access to a private Facebook group to have more support in a community of like-minded people.
Program Benefits
  • Improved communication
  • Stronger commitment
  • Internal peace and contentment
  • Clarity and better understanding of how relationships work and how to direct your energy to bring the results you want
  • Emotional ease and stability
  • Deeper connection to your partner on a Soul level
  • Spiced up sex life with a better and more satisfying quality sex

As you can see we are so passionate when it comes to helping couples just like you to create a fulfilling and loving relationship that they wish for so wholeheartedly.

And here is why:

We believe that it is through finding happiness in our relationships, we can best contribute to the ongoing revolution of consciousness on Earth.

When we are truly happy and our unique light shines the brightest, our consciousness has the highest impact to manifest more love, integrity, and peace in the world.

We know that everyone can be happy and have an amazing relationship that they wish for with all their being. Happy Relationship Secrets in 90 Days - Embracing the New Paradigm program is a perfect match for you if you are ready to finally create what you want in your relationship, ready to improve, clean up, harmonize your mind, and bring it in coherence with your heart.

Happy Relationship Secrets
in 90 Days

​Embracing the New Paradigm

It is a breathtaking possibility to easily create a relationship of your dreams, following a well-designed proven system.

If you are ready to transform your relationship and take it to the next level where your heart wants it to be, you are in exactly the right place.

Irina and Dan Litvin are a living inspiration of how to manifest and manage a happy relationship.

They found each other at age 19 and were able to build a loving and deeply connected relationship that their souls were longing for. When life presented unexpected turns and challenges, Irina and Dan went through them hand in hand with love and grace and came out empowered, looking at these challenges as an opportunity to learn and improve. This approach, based on solid values and conscious awareness, helped them gain a deeper understanding of how relationships work and what can be done to make them work better.

Both Irina and Dan have been studying numerous fields of Metaphysics for over 18 years, passionately applying everything they learned in every day life.  This passion and commitment to be of service allowed them to create exact steps that their clients can easily follow and transform their relationships.

All the principles Irina and Dan teach today have been tested throughout the many years they have been together and are just as effective today as they were 10 years ago. They are pure gems!

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