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Holistic Self Care

Holistic care is the intuitive way of healing yourself using mother nature’s resources wisely. For her plants behold all the keys to a happy, healthy and vibrant body-mind-spirit. She is the greatest teacher of all and gives life not only to our bodies but to everything around us. If we use every resource she provides with gratitude and appreciation — we will be living in a different world.

This is how it works: you start paying attention to your body, how it responds to different things. From foods you eat, cosmetics you use, to your environment, the music you listen to, your lifestyle.

Many indigenous cultures have been using holistic ways of addressing health issues for thousands of years. They know health benefits and many uses of every plant where they live. How did they find out about it? What they know is quite often way more advanced than what one can learn in school.
One of the reasons is because they have a deep connection to our sacred planet and every plant around them. This personal relationship with nature  together with intuition led indigenous people to discover the healing power of fauna.

We can use similar principles with a different approach to improve our health. We can use our inner guidance and intuition to educate ourselves, and serf the internet to find information as well as natural remedies to heal our bodies.

Please consult your health care specialist (preferably a naturopath) about alternative ways of treating your particular health condition. And listen to that subtle voice within before taking anything for it is your best personal adviser. Also try muscle testing to be on the safe side.

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