"How I Stopped Running Away From Conflicts 
With My Husband and Instead
Found This Empowering Way
to Face and Resolve Them...

It Unlocked a Deep Soulful Connection in My Relationship"

Dissolve your reactive buttons, stop repeating negative patterns from happening, and add more love to your communication following our 5 proven steps

What's Inside Blissful Connector Course

  1. Unique 5-step process to rekindle love and connection with your partner in just a few weeks
  2. How to pinpoint the root of your repeating negative patterns and neutralize them
  3. How to heal your emotions with Meditative Healing Technique and dissolve the source of your reactive buttons to communicate with love
  4. How to nurture a healthy positive change in your relationship to make it blissful 
  5. How to create harmony that will last, even if your partner doesn't participate in the process
  • Bonus #1: "Soulmates' Magic Toolbox" ($75 Value)
    with Irina's three guided meditations:
    - Morning Gratitude Meditation to bless your day 
    - Healing Rejection Wound Meditation to help you see and neutralize your "blind spots"
    - Meditation for Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship to align your existing relationship with relationship of your dreams
    - Sound Healing and Library Recommendations
  • Bonus #2: Training Videos with our secrets for Sustaining a Happy Relationship ($57 value)

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Blissful Connector

Total Value: $230

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"I have learned a lot from the course and feel much better. There was only 1 issue in my relationship and thanks to you I now know how to deal with it. I thank you for helping me see things clearer. You are a beautiful soul and I'm glad I took your course. I will continue with meditation and working on a better relationship with my soul mate ❤"

~ Wayne W.

"Thank you. It has been very helpful. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

~ Arlene G.

"Your healing meditation is outstanding. Your voice sounded perfect. The music is perfect. The meditation is very effective. Really enjoyed it and will do it again."

~ Kristina P.

"The healing was very powerful - makes me cry every time! I'm still continuing to practice that daily and have yet to complete the other meditations but thank you - I think I'm on my way back to my twin flame..."

~ Clair L.

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