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Core Alignment Meditation

For Neutral Mind and Manas

Sit straight. Start by interlacing the fingers, one hand into the other. Now, extend the little fingers, ring fingers, and middle fingers so that they lay against the same fingers of the opposite hand, and so all point straight up. Separate the base of the palms about 4 inches so the three fingers form a teepee, and a round space opens between the two index fingers, on top, and the two thumbs, below. Raise this mudra up to your face and put your nose in the opening between index fingers and thumbs. The index fingers rest near the bridge of the nose. The thumbs cross just under the nose but do not block the nostrils. The other fingers point straight up. Elbows are relaxed. Focus at the brow point and chant the mantra below. “Har” is a name of God, it means “Creative Infinity.”

Har har gobindeh  (Sustains you)
Har har mukandeh  (Liberates you)
Har har udaareh  (Elevates you)
Har har apaareh  (Delivers you across)
Har har hareeang  (Destroys all)
Har har kareeang  (Creates all)
Har har nirnaameh  (Beyond category and name)
Har har akaameh  (Beyond desire)

Each line of the mantra has two Hars and another word to make three beats. As you chant press the tips of the three fingers in sequence. Begin with the middle fingertips pressing firmly on the first Har. Then the ring fingers on the next Har, and finally the little fingertips on Gobindeh. For the next line begin Har with the little fingertips and work forward. Continue through all 8 lines of the mantra, so you end back on the middle fingertips. As you chant these motions become smooth and automatic. Then your attention goes deep into the sound itself. Continue for 11 to 31 minutes. Then inhale deep, hold, and focus at the brow. Ten exhale powerfully through the mouth. Repeat the final breath three times and then relax.

Core Alignment Meditation1

Core Alignment Meditation2

core alignment-1

When your neutral mind is balanced, “… you find meanings and consequences in events that others do not. Your agenda is impersonally personal. You don’t mind losing a battle if you win the war. Small clues reveal pathways others have simply overlooked. You can find and arrange resources masterfully. You may not manage them operationally, but you can recognize, attract, and gather them.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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