Most couples break up not realizing that there are effective ways to neutralize relationship problems and turn them into love-empowering blessings

Give Your Love a Chance to Thrive ?  

How Much Are Your Relationship Problems Dragging You Down and Draining Your Energy?

Trying to to keep up with a busy life when things are boiling up in your relationship is tough.

When we spend our precious time and energy drowning in everyday emotional storms and meaningless drama…

Somewhere deep in our heart we may feel that this isn’t the way we want to live our life…

What our soul actually craves is a sacred union, where we feel appreciated, accepted as we are, desired and admired…

Our heart wants to behold pure love that inspires us to live in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Yet, when misunderstandings and repeating fights raise invisible walls between us and our beloved, and the two of us begin to grow apart, we consequently get overwhelmed with frustration and anxiety.

Feeling rejected and confused, we may not know where to start repairing our relationship, unsure if the damage is repairable at all.

Sometimes we ignore little things that cause a lot of damage because we’re afraid to make things worse if we bring them up… 

And we start to wonder if our partner is our true soulmate or if we’re wasting our time with a wrong person…

The truth is that most couples go through this.

Even twin flames and soulmates are not an exception to challenges.

There are effective ways to detox and purify a damaged relationship and to restore a lost soulful connection. Most couples don’t even realize such options exist…

You just need the right tools to repair your relationship and turn a ”hopeless mess” into wisdom that will rekindle the spark between you two. 

The good news is that we have the tools you need. Combining psychology and practical metaphysical spirituality, we put together strategies that heal relationships on a deep level bringing love back to life and making it resilient to any shakeups.

“The Quality of Our Relationship Determines the Quality of Our Life”
- Esther Perrel

Our Courses...

  • Guide you on a path to healing your relationship and show how to nurture your love so it can withstand any storm
  • Bring the spark back without spending years in therapy
  • Neutralize the root of emotional tension within a few weeks
  • Reestablish intimacy and make it more soulful and satisfying
  • Rekindle love and affection in your relationship
  • Turn challenges into blessings
  • Shift your life from daily struggles to enjoying every bit of blissful connection with your beloved
  • And are very affordable - cheaper than a romantic dinner for two

It Hurts Us to See Beautiful Relationships Fade and Fall Apart

We know how frustrating it is to see the love of your life become a source of pain in your life… 

As a couple, we also went through very difficult times when things looked hopeless in our relationship.

It was during those dark moments that we somehow found courage to prioritize our relationship and commit to finding ways to repair it.

When we saw how little shifts in perspective had a huge impact on healing our relationship, nurturing our bond in an entirely new way, we decided to share our methods with other couples who needed help with their relationship issues.

Over the years, we have been able to systematize our best working techniques that facilitate change and bring lasting results. These unconventional techniques open horizons for continuous relationship refinement and evolution.

We are grateful beyond words for being able to share our strategies with other couples, to see them light up with joy of reversing negative patterns, bringing back intimacy, reigniting love and making it more blissful - creating a sacred union where two souls thrive. 

We believe that we shine our brightest when our relationship is fulfilling on a soul level. This is when our love sends healing ripples out into the world, illuminating the darkness and helping humanity evolve.

The more of us take this path of healing our relationships instead of dismissing our problems and running away from them, the easier we make it for everybody else to follow our footprints to this new level of fulfilling connection that makes love truly blissful. As we know, we directly affect collective consciousness with our state of being.

Prioritize What Matters and

Give Your Love a Chance to Thrive ?


Learn the Secrets

Master simple skills that bring lasting change


Enjoy the Results

Open up to the love you deserve and see your relationship transform into a sacred union of your dreams

Bring Harmony into Your Reality

At One Tribe Counseling we know that deep in your heart you know that you deserve real, pure, and authentic love - a sacred union of two loving hearts that brings joy and deeper meaning to life.

The truth is that you are not far from making this your reality. You just need the right tools to harmonize your relationship.

It hurts our hearts to see even true soulmates give up on each other too soon…

Sadly, so many couples witness their relationship deteriorate without realizing that there are very effective ways to neutralize detrimental tendencies and issues that they are experiencing.


In many cases they dismiss tools that could save their relationship because they believe that their case is “too hopeless,” that nothing will work for them because they think they “had tried everything.”

We understand that it is not your fault that you probably never knew such options even existed. This is not common knowledge and there is a lot of confusion about maintaining a healthy and happy relationship even among the most spiritual people.

That is why we feel honored to be of service to other couples and we're happy to see how our practices and techniques are saving so many relationships from breakups and regrets.


Choose your course, apply our strategies in your relationship, and enjoy the results.

Why wait? Sign up today so you can stop drifting away from each other and start a new chapter where true soulful love is your reality.

Irina Litvin
I help couples reestablish intimacy, detox their relationships from eroding negativity, restore and deepen connection so they can enjoy real, pure, and authentic love that brings joy and deeper meaning to life.