Helping you remove all the clutter that drags you down, heal emotional pain, find inner peace even in times of uncertainty, and bring a loving soulful connection to your romantic relationship so you can live a fulfilling life, guided by love, joy, and wisdom

Meditation for Happiness

Free Meditations 

Download my three guided meditations to:

  •  Start each day with a powerful charge, a blast of good vibes
  •  Align and heal your personal connection with your Soul 
  •  Get my personal technique for quickly raising your vibrations anytime you need a boost of energy to manifest anything you want :)

7 Secrets of Relationship Alchemy Blueprint

These 7 Secrets are the foundation of a healthy relationship. When two Souls are nurtured by fulfilling love, we evolve and embody the relationship of the New Paradigm.

Blissful connector 

5 Steps to Restore and Deepen Connection with Your Beloved

Uncover the roots of communication issues and transmute stuck energy that makes you react into pure light that empowers your love. This will allow you to address important things timely and without emotional charge. These five simple steps will make your relationship more soulful and fulfilling. Ready to start harmonizing your relationship now?

Conscious Conflict Resolution

How to Prevent Conflicts Or Turn Them into Blessings

Get our practical tools for navigating through challenges and hard times so you can maintain a healthy love flow in your relationship and evolve as a couple of the New Paradigm. Sign up for this online course and get our proven strategies for creating peace and making your relationship invincible. 

Releasing and Healing from Stress and anxiety free course

With Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Sounds of Nature

This course was created to inspire more lightworkers to get rid of accumulated stress and anxiety so they can find inner peace and harmony. We’ve found a safe and effective way of addressing these issues using yoga, guided meditations, and healing sounds of nature.


Our challenges and sickness are usually just messengers, letting us know that some big changes are due. They can become powerful catalysts of profound transformation if we are willing to go down the rabbit hole on a quest of finding the root of our problems.

What People Say


The healing experience I had with Irina was profound. She used multiple techniques that gave me a deep sense of peace and clarity. At one point during our session she began to sing and tone in such a way that I felt surrounded by angels. She is a true healer.




I find Irina a very talented, intuitive and gentle healer and guide. ... When I shared my issues with her, she received remarkable intuitive insights that have been incredibly helpful for me. She also shared with me an interdimensional healing technique that I was successfully able to use to improve my health.



My three healing experiences with Irina were profoundly beautiful and so helpful to me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her deep connection to divine love allowed me to relax and release the blocks that I didn't realize were affecting me. I received immediate relief! Irina's angelic presence and her intuitive gifts are amazing, and I wholeheartedly recommend her!


Irina Litvin

I help people shift their perspectives, heal emotional wounds of the past and begin a new chapter of their life with more love, more joy, and peace of mind. I've been researching and practicing ways of connecting practical psychology and metaphysics for over 20 years.

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