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About Irina

Irina Litvin

Irina Litvin is a gifted healer, coach and artist, an inspiring writer and a talented chef.

She was born in an area of North Caucasus in the South of Russia, a beautiful mountainous place abundant in healing mineral springs. Esoteric world entered her life at age 13 with a revolution of consciousness with excitement to apply and test all the information she started receiving from her spirit guides and books.

With all that guidance she was able to find her soulmate at age 19. Together they continued their path of spiritual awakening, going through various stages of life with great love and support for each other, striving to keep their relationship pure and balanced. This is how Irina and Dan became relationship alchemists: by transmuting deep buried energetic blocks and refining attitudes on a daily basis.

Irina and Dan

Irina and Dan in 2000

Irina’s introduction into the healing world began with a powerful Reiki initiation back in Russia in 2000. Upon coming to the US she continued training in various healing modalities, much of which came from following her inner guidance.

Life took her to multiple unexpected paths to help polish those new skills. Always curious about new ways of applying her knowledge, Irina was able to transmute negative energy in her environment into pure jewels, empowering all people involved. Seeing esoteric principles at work incredibly inspired her to help people from all over the world to change their lives for the better, to overcome fears and limitations, transmute pain into love, and ultimately bring peace and harmony into their hearts.

In 2012 Irina completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training program and became a certified teacher. It is a big passion of hers and a wonderful tool to transform people’s lives.

A turning point in her healing practice happened while living in Hawaii in June of 2015 during a planetary alignment called “the star of Bethlehem”. Irina received a powerful activation from her spirit guides that completely reshaped her healing practice, taking it to a higher level and making it much more effective.

This transmission also gave birth to such new healing modalities as TransDimensional Presence and Gaya Healing.

Today Irina freely shares her gifts with clients through healing and counseling services that she does both in person and remotely.

Stay tuned for her new upcoming programs, workshops and retreats!

Beautiful Mountains in Russia

North Caucasus


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