From a "Hopeless" Draining Relationship to a Thriving Union of Two Loving Hearts

Do you feel like your partner doesn’t love you much anymore?

Does it feel like the spark between you two is out?

Do you feel that you’ve drifted apart from each other too far?

Are you tired of tension and drama?

Every Relationship Should Have a Chance to Thrive 

We know how frustrating it is when you just want mutual respect, to be happy with your beloved, to get along with ease, and to be connected heart to heart.

But instead we often end up sucked into tension, drama, energetic tug-of-war, just to see our love fade away in the daily grind.

In most cases, relationship difficulties are not a sign that it is doomed but rather an opportunity to awaken to another dimension of connection and love.

Most couples don’t give their love a chance to heal and thrive.

There’s always room to make things better when it comes to authentic relationships.

Are You Ready to Witness the Transformation That Your Heart Is Longing for?

At One Tribe Counseling, we are devoted to guiding open-minded souls to purify their relationship, to repair and deepen their loving bond using a blend of psychology and metaphysics/practical spirituality that awakens love to its full glory…

Our strategies of the New Paradigm create fast changes, giving new life to hopeless relationships…

Without breaking a bank and even without a partner's active participation in the process. And you don’t have to wait for years to see the results you deserve.

We Believe...

A deeply connected, soulful relationship is a real treasure that makes us truly happy unlike anything else and is a powerful catalyst for embodying our Soul’s purpose.

As Human beings, we thrive and live wholeheartedly when we are loved for who we are.

When we help our love rise from the ashes, we inspire other couples and send healing ripples across the globe.

Hey! I'm
Irina Litvin

I’m proud to say that I’ve shared more than two decades with my soulmate, my amazing husband Danil. What we share with the world today reflects our journey as a couple.

Together we went through times when our problems nearly ripped us apart, so grab a cup of tea and read on…

I was just 19 when I met him. I was finishing up my first year in college when one beautiful spring day Danil came into my life.

Before I met him, I had been asking the Universe to send me my true love. I wished for a beautiful soulmate union based on pure and authentic love that uplifts and fills life with so much meaning.

I felt he was the one.

The level of resonance and the love chemistry in our connection were out of this world. We didn’t want to spend a minute apart.

Together we dove deep into the world of spirituality, studying different metaphysical modalities, from meditation, shamanism, energy and sound healing, to Kundalini Yoga and Chi Gong.

Facing Reality

As our relationship went from one stage into the next, we were in for a very bumpy ride…

“But true soulmates should live in complete harmony, not argue…,” I thought.

Well, this was not always the case…

Our love was tested many times when we felt hurt, emotionally numb, and disconnected.

What helped us recover and bounce back to love was various mindfulness practices. 

It all worked for the most part until…

When our daughter was born everything began to intensify.

I was just beginning to heal from postpartum depression when my husband had sudden health issues. On top of it all we barely made our ends meet, struggling to pay our bills. And then we got into a scary car accident.

Tired of attitudes, communication issues and fighting about little things, I felt lonely and rejected. This is when I really started to question if Danil was my true soulmate or a big mistake.

I hit rock bottom when I realized that my marriage was clearly falling apart.

Fixing things is my second nature so divorce was not an option. And I didn’t want my daughter to be raised by two roommates. I knew I had to turn things around and do it before it was too late.

So I committed to do all it takes to restore peace and love at home.

The following weeks I searched for the roots of our issues and analyzed what was eroding our relationship. And then it dawned on me why things were the way they were and how to fix the damage.

I knew I had to stop the blame game and actually do something about it.

Reigniting the Spark 

To my big surprise, shortly after I started applying my findings and recalibrating myself, I saw incredible shifts happening in my marriage. It started to heal.

Positive changes just kept unfolding in our relationship, bringing us closer and melting the ice in our connection.

At first I didn’t even tell Danil what I was doing.

We started laughing again and easily getting along. And before long we were more in love than ever. I thought “Wow, this stuff works!”

All those struggles, all that pressure and challenges were a wake-up call to refine our relationship and to give our love a chance that it really deserved.

If not for all that, things would’ve been very different for us.

I’m so glad we didn’t miss the opportunity to make a diamond out of our “hopeless” relationship.

We kept expanding our toolbox over the years. And we are grateful to have come across such amazing experts in relationship psychology as John and Julie Gottman, Esther Perrel, Dr. Gabor Mate and many others. 

Over the years we distilled our best working techniques offering help to our friends who had troubles with their partners and they were very happy to see the results such as prevented breakups and divorces.

That’s how we were guided to share our unconventional strategies with other couples, showing them how to reverse negative patterns, repair connection, reestablish intimacy and to reignite their love…

Making it incredibly fulfilling and blissful for both.

Our hearts light up with gratitude and joy when we hear success stories of those taking our online courses such as Blissful Connector and Conscious Conflict Resolution. 

And we can’t wait to see your relationship transform into a beautiful romantic union.

You were born to be loved and adored wholeheartedly, to be in a soul-nurturing union, not to mourn over ruins of your relationship, feeling unworthy of real authentic love. 

Even if you “tried everything” and nothing changed…

Let’s give your love a chance to transcend all the challenges and triumph in a sacred union of two loving hearts.

Begin your journey to transformation today!

When Your True Essence Shines, We Shine Together and Heal Our Human Tribe

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