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About Irina

Irina Litvin 

Spiritual Awakening 
Since I was a little girl everything about psychic abilities and paranormal world was irresistible for me. I would wait till midnight to watch my favorite show at the time, called “The Third Eye.” This was in Russia in the 90s.

When my mom had issues with high blood pressure I could easily lower it down by waving my hands along her back a certain way and using visualization.

Then I read my first metaphysical book at age 13 which completely shifted my perspective on life. It was about taking responsibility for our thoughts and how our thoughts were directly connected to events happening in our life. The main concept of this book was about the consequences of judging others.

This is when I decided to try to stop judging people. It was very difficult to do because my family was very judgmental – this was one of their favorite things to do. All of my friends at school criticized everybody all the time. All of a sudden, I had nothing to talk about and all my exciting discoveries were too “weird.”

Our Love Story

My first dates also thought that my spirituality was too boring. This was very disappointing.

Unlike many of my peers, I was looking for a relationship.

Deep in my heart I wished to meet a guy who would see beyond my physical form, who would accept and love me with all my “weird” spirituality and hopefully share my interests.

So, I started reading books about attracting a soulmate. And a few months down the road I met him!

Surprisingly, Danil didn’t run away when I started sharing about this passion of mine!


He was digging it too!

My heart was telling me, “he was the one I’m meant to be with.” He was my true soulmate.

Irina and Dan

Irina and Dan in 2000

We spent hours in nature, talking for hours about ‘weird stuff’ and looking deep into each other’s eyes.

I thought, “The deal is done, now the rest of our life together will be a piece of cake.”

Our relationship looked perfect from the outside…

On the inside we had more and more fights.

While it was fun to have smart conversations about ascending to higher dimensions, applying that in real life was so hard.

Deep Shadow Work

Over the years we discovered many cool techniques that cleaned up most of the mess out of our relationship.

Yet, when we moved to Hawaii, a new wave of challenges hit us again.

This time I was involved in shadow work – you know, bringing light to the dark sides of my psyche…

Gosh, I had no idea that I had so much crap!

At times I felt I was drowning in it.

After 5 ‘explosions’ we figured out that Hilo was a powerful vortex.

It was like a gigantic amplifier that was “helping” us find more unresolved issues and childhood traumas.

This was not necessarily what I wanted but it was what I needed for my spiritual growth.

I needed to do some serious cleaning which prepared me for the experience that changed my life.

Awakening to My Soul’s Purpose as Energy Healer

One day, while we still lived in Hawaii, during the “Start of Bethlehem” planetary alignment, I sat to meditate.

Instantly, I felt Mahavatar Babaji’s presence behind me.

He took me on a two-hour journey where I was shown new healing methods.

“Everything can be healed with presence,” he said.

“There’s no need to label energy as ‘bad’ and throw it away…”

“I will show you how to transmute it into pure light.”

And he did.

I had such a powerful release of energy when one of my major blocks transmuted.

This learning experience was so profound and intense that I started wondering, “How will I be able to stay human after this?”

I felt like an alien and I looked like an alien.

That is what my husband said when I came out. My daughter seemed to have a hard time recognizing me too.

Little by little, I was integrating all of it.

The healing techniques Babaji showed me are truly the powerful technology of the New Paradigm.

I’m still “unpacking” the gifts of this experience.

I can’t say enough how this has transformed my relationship.

When I started applying these powerful techniques on myself, Danil also shifted.

He became more flexible and open to talk about anything, especially the “difficult stuff,” our issues.

I started applying my new healing techniques on my clients and of course they worked!

Full Spectrum Spiritual Healing

Some of the techniques I use in my healing sessions today include:

• Trans-dimensional Presence
• Sound healing
• Sat Nam Rassayan
• Reiki
• Light language activation
• Crystal layouts (when done in person)

I do healing sessions in person and remotely.

One of my favorite ways to do healing sessions is outside, on Sedona’s powerful vortex sites.

I truly believe we can heal ourselves and evolve as a society.

Now is the time to do it.

Because it is so incredibly liberating to remove the filters of the Old Paradigm so we can enjoy life to the fullest.

When we heal ourselves and bring harmony to our relationships we empower our light and make Shift of Consciousness happen in the world.

If this is what you want too – let’s stay connected!

I’d love to support you on your path 💗

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