2 Simple Steps to Find Clarity During Critical Moments
(and Avoid a Breakup)

by Irina Litvin

“I’m in so much pain right now – we are probably not meant to be together…”

“What if I’m wasting my time with a wrong person who is not my true soulmate?”

These are common thoughts which often lead to dangerous decisions.

While “soul contracts” do exist, I see so many couples succumbing to the challenges they have in their relationship and using “soul contracts” as an excuse for a breakup.

How to know what is right for you?

Stop thinking or making any future plans!

The thing is that when we get overwhelmed by the challenges in our relationship and problems pile up, we get emotionally numb. We may notice this uncomfortable shift at first.

But as time goes by we “get used to” this discomfort and may carry this burden for years. In the mean time we don’t realize how it slowly poisons all areas of our life.

As a result, we can’t tell if we are being influenced by other people’s energies.

The state of overwhelm makes us vulnerable and literally “opens” our energy field for low vibrations. This is how we become a “magnet” for negativity. Our aura can easily get clogged this way. We can’t think straight; all kinds of heavy feelings pull us in different directions all at once. Negative thoughts about our partner flood our mind and trigger strong emotions that drain our energy even more.

Trust me, this state of being doesn’t feel right to anybody. It is very human to want to break free from this burden.

But will breaking up with your partner now give you this freedom? Will it stop your emotional turmoil?

In most cases not.

You need to be in a different state of mind to clearly see what will really bring you the peace of mind and the joy that you need so much in this moment.

So, here are two simple steps that will help you get to this state clarity very quickly.

Step #1: Untangle your energy

Before making any decision while feeling upset, when you can’t tell where is your energy and where is someone else’s feelings projected onto you…

Take some time to unwind and to untangle your energy from other people’s energies.

In order to do that you need to relax as much as you can.

Play some nice meditation music. Take a walk outside – nature is the best healer of all.

Focus on your breathing and the sounds you hear.

Send other people’s energy back to them with love and blessings (always!)

Draw all of your energy into this moment.

Allow yourself to feel the present moment (try not to think about anything yet!)

Feel your energy coming back to you.

Relax even deeper.

Step #2: Raise your vibrations

This is not an escape from your problems nor something that will dissolve them. But this will bring you to a balanced state of mind where you will have clarity to make the right decision.

There are many ways to do it: you can visualize yourself entering into a glowing elevator of pure light which will take you up to higher vibrations.

You can visualize standing at the top of a high mountain which represents high vibrations.

Or you can think about some wonderful experience in the past (ideally not involving your partner because this could make you slip into heavy emotions again).

When I find myself in a difficult situation that requires clarity, I go to my favorite vortex in Sedona and it takes me to cloud 9 very quickly.

Once you arrive at this balanced state, when you feel without judging or attachment to a particular outcome, ask your Divine support for guidance. Ask your “Divine team” to show you a sign, to point you in the direction that is aligned with your highest good.

Allow yourself to receive this message. And always remember to check with your heart if a certain decision is right for you.

I believe that so many breakups could’ve been prevented if partners followed this simple process before deciding to break up.

Very often things look totally different when we do this. Because following this process allows us to really listen to our heart and feel what is truly best for us.

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