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Healing with Irina

What is Energy Healing and How Does It Work?

One way to explain it is this: if you have a guitar that is out of tune it will not sound good when you try to play it. But once tuned it will sound great again.

Our bodies work in the same way with healers helping to attune it.

It is finally becoming common knowledge that we are more than just our physical bodies, that we have a chakra system, an aura, and are multidimensional in nature. Quantum physics is getting close to explaining it: we are nothing but energy on a quantum level. Indeed, if you zoom into our subatomic world you will find more space than matter there.

Thinking about this alone can help release some tension and give hope. One does not have to become woo-woo to accept this — just to make one step outside the box. It is science. And besides, our emotions and feelings are not something you can touch or smell.

If you find yourself going through painful challenges, having serious health issues, stressed out, depressed, emotionally drained, or feeling that your world is falling apart — that could very well be a sign that something is out of sync and needs immediate attention. An experienced energy healer can help you with that.

And while there could be different causes of various issues, our beliefs are often the source of our suffering.

These belief systems are like living beings that want to live and will find you many excuses to stay alive. But a path to a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life begins with a strong decision to change and readiness to do whatever it takes, no matter how hopeless your case may seem.

Once you understand this, you align with your Divine guidance and it becomes that wind that fills up your sails. Plus, your desire to change makes your energy field more receptive to healing.

Change your mind’s settings and your world will reflect it.

It does not matter how serious your problem may be — if it is there for you, you are strong enough to resolve it. Otherwise it would not be there.

What Causes Sickness

We hear a lot about genetics from the media. While certain genetic malfunctioning could be hereditary, there is always something that triggers a certain predisposition to become a serious issue. It is easy and convenient to blame genetics for our sickness, however this isn’t always the case.

As an energy healer with many years of experience, Irina thinks that this something is often our suppressed emotions and feelings. “Bottling” our feelings and emotions causes many health issues. They are like a glue for any disease. Healing emotions is what can truly liberate us.

Understanding this part can help us realize that we are indeed responsible for maintaining our emotional balance and addressing hurt emotions timely. Energy healer Irina helps her clients to face suppressed pain and transmute emotional blocks into positive energy that they can utilize for their wellbeing.

How Can Energy Healer Help You And How You Can Make It More Effective

There are many forms of healing which energy healers use. However, one of the main principles of energy healing is that a healer acts like a channel for the Divine energy to reach the patient and harmonize their energy field and thus bring in positive change in health and life as a whole system of their existence.

Yet, in order for a patient to receive the most benefit from energy healing they must accept that it can and will help them. By doing so they will open up their energy field to receive this type of help. In other words one needs to believe that it is possible otherwise it will not work.

For many people this means making several steps outside of their comfort zone yet it is so worth every effort, every step that brings you closer to live a healthier and happier life.

About Energy Healer Irina

Irina’s training as an energy healer began in 2001 with a Reiki initiation. She had been engaged in metaphysical spiritual practices for a few years by then. She could easily lower her mom’s high blood pressure when she was 10. Yet this initiation was a catalyst for a profound activation. And Irina began connecting more and more to her path as a healer.

In 2002 Irina came to the US where she continued her healing training in various healing modalities such as sound healing, healing with crystals, channeling, entity removal, and Sat Nam Rasayan.

While living in Hawaii, in June of 2015, Irina received a powerful activation facilitated by one of her spiritual teachers that fundamentally upgraded her understanding of healing process and made it much more effective.

Today Irina helps people from all over the world in person and remotely with the following issues: 

  • Healing emotional trauma
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Relationships
  • Disease
  • Resolving unhealthy connections from the past
  • Healing wounds of the heart
  • Ancestral healing and clearing family karma
  • Entity removal
  • Blessing for fertility
  • Space clearing
  • Energetic support during labor, welcoming the soul
  • Channeling messages from spirit guides and angels
  • Neck and spine issues
  • Reconnecting to Divine support and guidance


60-Minute Healing Session
Single one-hour healing session plus a 20-minute follow-up call
Work on any issue(s) from the list above.
“Emotional Recovery” Healing Package
10 one-hour sessions each with a 10-minute follow-up call
This package is ideal for those who are tired of replaying painful emotions that take your sleep away, undermine your self-esteem and leave you drained at the end of the day. We will go deep to the root of the issues and heal the unresolved emotional connections from the past. It is for you if you are ready to step forward and set yourself free, to change your life and be finally happy.
Save $440!
“De-Stress Now!” Healing Package
10 one-hour sessions each with a 10-minute follow-up call
This package is designed for those who go through a lot of stress on a daily basis working highly demanding jobs. As a result you may feel on the edge, very irritable, unhappy and overwhelmed; you probably noticed how having this constant stress negatively affects your relationships and your health. This package will help you to release all of that from your aura and body, and to enjoy life on a whole new level. You will also learn how to stay relaxed in challenging situations and be invincible.
Save $440!
"Sweet Love" Healing & Counseling Package
5 one-hour healing sessions and 3 one-hour counseling sessions.
This package is designed for those who want to bring more joy to their romantic relationship and get on the path to resilient harmony. Let's find and address energetic blocks that compromise a healthy energy flow in your relationship, so that you can truly enjoy the love of your dreams.
Save $939!
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