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Spiritual Counseling

Life is an adventure that goes over various landscapes. With its “ups” and “downs” we can get confused, frustrated or depressed. It is easy to lose our peace of mind when things are not right in your relationship, when it feels that suffering is never ending. That is why it is so good to “zoom out” and get an objective perspective on your situation so you can get more clarity. I’m here to assist you in finding best working solutions that will bring peace and make your love last. I will be happy to guide you so you can get a better understanding of the current situation. I will share messages from your spirit guides and help you resolve karmic burdens. I want to assure you that no matter how hopeless your situation might be there is always a way to a happy outcome. And the good news is that it doesn’t take years for this shift to happen. Are you ready to start your journey towards more love and peace?

Issues that can be addressed:

  • Communication
  • Infidelity
  • Trust
  • Blessings for conception
  • Conscious parenting: Guidance for welcoming a starseed: conscious conception, pregnancy, and child upbringing
  • Challenges of spiritual awakening: living in a society
  • And many more

Spiritual counseling is a great resource if you just need advice or help in navigating to a happier and more fulfilling life. An intuitive counselor is your good wise friend who will support your every step to develop new healthy habits of thinking, acting and being. For this reason, it makes your transition to “new” you much easier and faster. Counseling is invaluable particularly when you feel stuck and overwhelmed by the weight of your problems. It may look and feel hopeless but with shift in perspective things start to move and the torturing pressure gradually dissolves. Very often this pressure is a result of emotional trauma from the past.

A lot of people think that emotional trauma must be cause by some horrible physical injuries or abuse. However, not having the support you needed, not having a strong loving connection with parents or guardians is what often causes very deep emotional trauma. As most of us were raised by wounded people who didn’t know any better, who didn’t know how to parent consciously…pretty much all of us have emotional wounds to various degrees. For example, one of the main reasons why we don’t “see” our “blind spots” is because of the fear to be rejected.

A path to a happier and more fulfilling life begins with small steps. Any trauma can be healed and negative patterns released, even those coming from your ancestors.

Our minds build stories on top of our emotional trauma but they too can be reprogrammed and synchronized with the heart.

Having an experienced and supportive guide who has done it successfully many times makes this journey much easier and faster.

We have all it takes to be happy.

Intuitive counseling changes lives for the better and is ideal for those who want to experience a deeper connection, heart-centered communication, and sweeter love that lasts. It is for those who want to connect with their Divine essence, discover unique gifts, and to shine together as a couple of the New Paradigm.

It takes two to change the world. Are you ready?


60-Minute Spiritual Counseling Session
Single intuitive counseling session
Find the best strategy to restore harmony, stop repeating fights, and prevent misunderstandings
“Feel Joyful Again!” Spiritual Counseling Package
10 one-hour spiritual counseling sessions
This counseling package is a great tool for those who feel overwhelmed, stressed and confused, and need guidance to help them find clarity and restore inner peace. Change your mind’s settings and your world will reflect it. Better quality life is within reach and it can be yours!
Save $210!
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