Uncovering Collective Shadow with #Metoo 

by Irina Litvin

Feminine is rising, and women’s voices demand to be heard. Women are speaking up. Pain of hurt feelings, of being rejected, harassed, looked down at, shamed, raped, betrayed, and mistreated for hundreds of years… is coming up to surface. And it is very significant.

It is not about playing a victim like some New Age teachers may point out, “You attracted it somehow or gave an agreement for something horrible to happen to you…”

While it is absolutely necessary to accept full responsibility for our thoughts and actions and stop blaming others and problems — this is not what we’re looking at with this #metoo movement.

Telling other women that they’re not victims may not sound as enlightening to them, especially those who have been abused sexually. It will sound like a heartless judgmental voice that is lacking compassion. This will definitely not help them heal it and see themselves as equal, empowered Goddesses who consciously co-create.

What we’re looking at is our collective shadow of suppressed feminine power.

We’ve become very sophisticated with justifications to hold onto Piscean Age dogma…

Yet, it is becoming more and more difficult — as women are waking up to their power, realizing that they are not dirty, silly, shallow-minded creatures who are used for pro-creation and sexual play for men. Women are waking up to see themselves as equal rather than secondary.

My point here is not to say that men are “bad” — of course not! Men are just as Divine as women. We are talking about our collective consciousness that is coming out of a long phase of left brain (our logical side) ruling. It is reflected in fear, covering up insecurities, and emotional wounds with force and violence, refusing to accept our weaknesses. Piscean age that is fading away is also known for denying everything we cannot touch or see with our physical senses.

Collectively we are slowly shifting towards the right brain (intuitive) ruling. This phase is reflected in love and compassion, addressing insecurities in a peaceful way, healing emotional wounds using our intuitive guidance and through opening our horizons to the “unseen” side of our reality. After all, it is becoming clearer that our emotions are not something we can smell, see or touch… though collectively we are beginning to realize that they are very tangible: emotions can make one’s life a miserable nightmare or an incredible bliss of love and happiness.

Why Is This #Metoo Happening?

What is happening is that we are going through purification times collectively.

Almost everyone living in our modern world goes through immense pressure on a daily basis. Stressful lifestyle is the cause of numerous issues: it affects our physical bodies, our emotions, relationships, and our outlook on life in general.

Pressure causes suppressed issues come to surface.

How much of this pressure can we humanly ignore?

Are we delirious enough to believe that by staying positive, not looking at our dark side… we are running as fast as marathon runners to 5D?

Can you really run away from your shadow?

After all, it is not something you can unzip and leave in 3rd dimension. You will get stuck in customs :)

So, what we see happening now is this #metoo movement is that many women are choosing to look at their hurts, emotional traumas, and abuse in the past and talk about it. And this is very significant. This is how you start a healing process: you look at your dark side, let the demons out, and observe without judgment. First, you need to accept things the way they are, call them by their name, forgive all the people involved, including yourself, and then transmute the energy this wound held for many years to rise above it empowered.

The more women feel free to speak up, call things by their proper name, and refuse to take abuse, the less likely are men to get away with this abuse, mistreatment, and crime against women. This movement is also extremely important for the younger generation, the teenagers who have no confidence in themselves, and who might not know their worth. It is absolutely okay to speak up!

This movement clearly reflects the ongoing Shift of the Ages.

We need to provide a safe and supporting environment for women to speak up without the fear of rejection and shame.

We need to heal ourselves collectively in order to evolve. This means integrating all aspects of ourselves including our lower and higher selves.

Of course, it is easier to just label harassment as “shameful” or “inappropriate” but how far will this get you?

That is why I’m so happy to see so many women talking about taboo subjects. No, they’re not victims fearing to manifest that pain again. They are rising Goddesses who got some guts to face their pain, speak up about this issue of their power being taken away for centuries, and bring it to the light for healing.


How can we best contribute to healing our collective shadow and speed up this process of conscious evolution?

Believe it or not, Shift of the Ages is very personal. Everyone is an equally important part of this whole process. What you feel matters, your unique expression matters. And by healing your emotional trauma you will greatly contribute to healing all your relationships with other people, including romantic relationships. Your personal healing will bring more love, compassion, and integrity that this world so desperately needs.

This Irina's article was originally published on medium.com

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