Why Relationships Fall Apart And How to Make Your Love Last 

by Irina Litvin

What happens to our beautiful love relationship that starts fading away unexpectedly? Finding that love which deeply nourishes our heart, soul, and body and is incredibly fulfilling on many levels is just the first step. Maintaining harmony in this relationship and helping this sacred love grow and evolve is a big challenge for many couples.

Unfortunately even soulmates often don't realize where problems come from in relationships.

Hint: it's those little things we usually don't think about.

I've been using these exact strategies with my soulmate of 19 years and it has been a blessing to see our relationship getting more beautiful with each year.

I wholeheartedly wish you the same or even better results.

Healthy soulmate relationships exist and they have nothing to do with being lucky. Soulmates come into our life to help us grow and evolve. They are a true blessing and yet they can shake up our world like nobody else. Those difficult moments that soulmate love brings along can turn into awakening moments.

Why do good relationships break up?

No matter how spiritual you are, stuff will come up because it is your soulmate's job to make you aware of something that you are in denial of or feel not worthy of experiencing. How you respond and address issues is what makes a huge difference. It is when you open up and don't hide or suppress your emotions during vulnerable moments that you can evolve as couple. This is what creates a deep soulful connection in relationships.

Watch the video to go deeper into the subject.

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