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Meditation Tips to Reprogram Your Mind


Meditation Tips to Reprogram Your Mind

“Meditation is the art of breaking habits, purifying the mind, and taking care of day-to-day things.”
~ Yogi Bhajan

There are many different kinds of meditation out there today but essentially, just as we clean our bodies daily, meditation is a way of cleaning our mind.  Your mind is responsible for creating your reality, it is like a projector: a mess in your head results in a mess in your life. At the same time if you change “settings” of your mind — your life will change as well. Meditation is a wonderful tool to do that.

Additionally, meditation is your ultimate defense from stress and the key to heal any dis-ease in your body.

Our mind is a powerful tool. It is like a sophisticated projector that determines what you see on the screen. Depending on its settings it can elevate you or make you feel very miserable. In many cases it is the main source of suffering. And yet it can be your devoted servant who will do all it takes to make you happy, if you train it to do so.

There are many ways to do it and meditation is one of them.

Begin your day with meditation and gratitude — and your day will be a blessing; 
Begin it in commotion — and it will be a disaster.
~ Arhuaco elder Calixto

For all your troubles your mind is responsible. For your success, your mind is doing it.
~ Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

The Three Minds

In Kundalini Yoga we distinguish three aspects of the mind: positive, negative, and neutral.

Positive mind is what inspires and pushes you to go forward, to take a risk and go outside of your comfort zone. When this aspect is out of balance it can lead one into trouble with unnecessary risks and suffering.

Negative mind is the other side of polarity which essentially protects and warns you by bringing all possible dangers into your view. It is that voice which tells you to think twice before making a blind choice. Yet when out of control it turns into a never ending criticism of everything. It can completely disarm your inspiration and steal your hope to have a bright and happy future.

Neutral mind is the mediator. This aspect is like a clutch in a stick shift car, whilst gas is your positive mind, and brake is your negative mind. To have a smooth ride you need to know how to use all three. Neutral mind gives you access to your intuition and allows you to see opportunity in any challenging situation.

So here you will find meditations that will help you to reprogram your mind and make it your ally.

Tuning in before Practicing a Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Meditation for the Positive Mind

Meditation for the Negative Mind

Meditation for the Neutral Mind

Core Alignment Meditation

For those who are just starting out with meditation we highly recommend to also explore guided meditations. They are a great tool to help you keep your mind focused.

Wondering mind is a common issue not just among the beginners but even among experienced meditators. Some of the main culprits of this are busy lifestyle, multitasking, stress, and constant stimulation of all kinds that most of us experience every single day.

Instead of keeping our brain on one track, we train ourselves to race on multiple tracks at the same time. This exhausts our nervous system and sets the stage for a chronic fatigue, ruthlessly taxing our physical bodies. We pay a high price for being busy in our modern era.

Meditation is the best way to bring balance into our daily routine, restore inner peace, get answers to your questions, become  mega productive, creative, and amazingly successful. And it is absolutely a must if you want to have a dynamic and connected romantic relationship.

One of the reasons why regular meditation practice is so good for romantic relationships is because it allows to effectively address and process a wide spectrum of issues, which makes a relationship “bulletproof.”

And lastly, meditation will help you endure all kinds of challenges with ease and evolve to higher states of awareness within a short period of time.


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