19 Best Relationship Tips for Everlasting Love 

by Irina Litvin

Lessons That True Soulmates Teach Us

Don’t we all want to have a fulfilling relationship with blissful everlasting love? I believe that most of old souls do. We’ve been around so many times that something mediocre doesn’t seem to satisfy our souls. We want nothing less than love that inspires us to become better versions of ourselves. Do you also feel this way?

Holding this hope in our heart, we search for our true soulmate, that special one, our perfect match. At the same time our definition of this perfect love is very often far from reality. A romantic relationship with a soulmate has so many aspects to it. Yet our limiting perception may allow us to see a small fraction of all the blessings and the potential for our growth it beholds.

We start questioning if our partner is our true soulmate when we get stuck in some mundane challenges. If he is, then why things are not as smooth as we want them to be?

But it is also true that we may drag a suitcase of our issues from one relationship to another. These issues may have a slightly different expression, come in a different package, but essentially, they are around the same things. It can be the things we are afraid to admit even to ourselves, unhealed trauma from our childhood or our past abusive relationships, etc.

Looking at the essence of a soulmate relationship, it is not a true soulmate’s job to always soothe our pain or make it go away. A true soulmate is that special person, the one who will help you become aware of your destructive patterns, limiting mindsets, and inspire you to live your life’s purpose no matter what. Your soulmate will guide you (consciously or unconsciously) to heal yourself to the core.

What Is a Soulmate Connection

Why is soulmate connection so strong? Sometimes we spend decades looking for this kind of connection, intuitively knowing that it will nurture our souls unlike anything in this world. We crave this connection deep in our heart.

A lot of old souls who chose to return and assist humanity during this time of transition to the New Paradigm subconsciously know that their impact will be stronger with a soulmate.

The soulmates we attract are those souls who want to help us grow and evolve. Evolving and awakening together while sharing a physical form is a big blessing. Yet our soulmate is often the biggest mirror for us, who subconsciously help us become aware of certain patterns which we sometimes carry through many lifetimes. In this case I think our soulmates are the best mirror that can help us notice a big elephant in the room. Yet, we might not like it. The reflection we see may be different from what we think we are. It may be not easy to recognize that or it may even seem to be a complete distortion.

There are many layers to it and we may not be able to perceive through all of them to get a full picture.

Discovering our hidden wounds and healing them is a step-by-step revelation process that is not always pleasant or comfortable. Nevertheless, unwrapping lifetimes of emotional pain with the help of our soulmate is what expands our consciousness propelling us to the next level of awareness. Those very vulnerable moments that we share with our soulmate come with a sweet reward of deep and authentic connection.

True soulmate love is nurtured by many different aspects.

19 Tips for Lasting Love

Even with soulmates, it is important to practice these 19 tips for your relationship to thrive and for your love to last a lifetime.

1. Don’t wait till you have a big fight to talk about things that matter to you

This is crucial. Don’t let little things turn into big explosive fights that drain your energy and suffocate your love. The more we hold onto something that bothers us the more charge it gains. Talk about it when you first notice it.

2. Talk about issues when you have no attitude

Talking about something that bothers you with an attitude will likely lead to a fight or will fall onto deaf ears. If you want to be heard, you need to be as neutral and chill as possible. Mindfulness practice or a walk outside can help you get into the right state of mind. And here is a little secret: use this formula, “I want you to know that I love you and our relationship is very important to me… [pause] And because of that there is something I need to share with you...”

3. Don’t take things personally

This one can be pretty challenging when we feel extra sensitive. Women are more prone to be irritable when they near their moon cycle. We may be very emotional and everything may seem to be getting on our nerves more than ever during that time. It may even feel that our soulmate is conspiring against us. What breaks this pattern of taking things personally is reminding ourselves that our soulmate is human. Humans may forget things, they may have a lot of stress at work that spills at home, our higher brain may shut off unexpectedly causing us to say or do stupid things that we regret later. A little compassion for ourselves and our beloved is that magic wand that can stop us on our tracks that erode good relationships.

4. Remind your beloved daily that you love and appreciate them

Learn to speak their love language and remind them daily. Don’t worry, this will not desensitize your soulmate’s appreciation of your union. Love needs to be nurtured daily. When we know that we are truly loved and appreciated, we can easily forgive and find compassion. Because love is the reason why we are here :)

5. Feel and express gratitude often

Noticing and saying thank you will uplift your soulmate and inspire to continue teamwork. Your partner may lose motivation if their contribution is often taken for granted. There may be days when you won’t be able to feel love. Gratitude is love’s best friend. It can quickly raise your vibrations and fill your heart with love. Be grateful for all the beautiful things as well as you being triggered as this helps you learn more about yourself. This is how gratitude helps us grow and evolve.

6. Cultivate Love

As a relationship goes through different stages, so does love. It can grow and evolve. To make sure we keep up with it, we need to develop a habit of tenderizing our hearts so that our hearts can perceive and behold love in all her beauty. Fill your heart with love daily in your meditations and let it illuminate all areas of your life. Practice cultivating love through your thoughts and actions so that you have a love-filled relationship.

7. Have sex often (but make sure to meditate before ;)

When a couple accumulates a lot of issues between them, sex is usually the first thing that gets affected. On the other hand, sex can help you generate and move energy in the right direction, reminding you about beautiful aspects of your relationship and guiding you to find a way out of difficult situations. Couples who struggle with emotional tension over various issues and who don’t have frequent intimacy will continue drifting apart without the binding power of sex. It may be the last thing on your mind when you have a pile of bitter feelings. But it is very healing for your relationship to make time for sex. And it is best if you approach it not as a purely physical experience for satisfying your sexual need but as a sacred ritual because it is sacred. If you could use some help with that, I have a guided meditation for you to easily align with the sacredness aspect of sex and make it more blissful.

8. Practice forgiveness

Simply put, you can’t go far without having a habit to forgive. We all make mistakes. Yes, our beloveds sometimes may hurt our feelings unlike anybody else as they have the keys to so many doors in our heart. But it is up to us to choose to forgive and start healing, dissolving the load of painful emotions. Forgiving someone, especially those you love, is not about doing them a favor but rather for liberating yourself. And if there are things you have not forgiven your soulmate for, this will be creating distance between you two.

9. Give your full presence especially when talking about important things

Multitasking can be helpful with a million things that we have to do every day but not when your partner needs to talk about something important. Make sure you are not distracted by what you are going to do tomorrow when talking about serious things with your beloved. Your full presence will also guide you to find a good solution. Deep breathing or meditating before can help you stay present and focused.

10. Have compassion for your beloved

To have more compassion for our soulmate, we need to cultivate compassion for ourselves first and practice self-love regularly. Because it is very difficult to find compassion for someone else when you feel emotionally drained and depressed. We need to fill our cup with love and learn how to accept ourselves with all our flaws to have compassion for our beloved. Compassion opens doors for true unconditional love that can endure any challenges. Invoking compassion for your soulmate will help you see problems objectively rather than taking them personally.

11. Connect by doing meaningful things together

Meaningful connection is the foundation of lasting love. It is also what nurtures your love and helps it evolve. Watching a TV show together brings you two on a couch but it doesn’t help you connect. Same goes with shopping or playing golf. Spend time working on a new project together, meditate or do yoga together, go on a spiritual retreat, or volunteer in an animal shelter caring for animals.

12. Communicate your needs

As time goes by we tend to assume many things in our relationship. One of the common assumptions is that our partner should be able to guess what needs to be done. When they don’t guess right, we get pissed off and this often turns into a fight. No matter how long you’ve been together, there is always room for improving your communication. What often makes our communication difficult is tension around certain topics. This tension is usually a result of unprocessed personal emotional issues. These old wounds from our past are also the fuel for our reactive buttons that put us into defensive mode in an instant. You may want to check out our Blissful Connector course if you need help with releasing this tension and healing your wounds.

13. Be flexible

Flexibility is the key of a healthy relationship. It needs to come from both sides yet we are only responsible for refining ourselves. Wanting things to be a certain way may not necessarily be our unique expression that we want to defend at all cost. It is usually a sign of rigidity. People who glue themselves to rigidity of their views suffer the most. Flexibility means often stepping out of our comfort zone, exploring areas that don’t always feel cozy. It is that powerful quality that allows us to disassociate from our emotions and see things objectively. Flexible couples are likelier to find a compromise that is good for both. They can easily adapt to changing environments which is crucial these days.

14. Have no secrets

Secrets may give you an illusion of some sort of security, like a secret closet where you keep ugly stuff from your past. But remember that energetically we are all interconnected and even though your partner will not know something, they will feel it. Besides, living in a New Paradigm, the Age of Aquarius, we see more and more of lies getting exposed. Ugly stuff wants to be seen and the last thing you want is it hitting the fan at the worst time. This can cost you your soulmate love. It is better to find the best time to share your secrets – remember that vulnerable sharing deepens connection. The only exception can be a fun surprise.

15. Be available to listen (and put your cell phone away)

These days so many of us are addicted to technology and rarely put our cell phone down. Putting your phone in silent mode and leaving it outside of your reach will not only help you keep your focus on that important conversation but it also shows priorities and respect. Listening does not mean needing to rescue your partner or finding solutions on the spot. We all need someone to listen with compassion. This way they release emotional tension.

16. Trust your partner

Trust the God in your soulmate and the God in you. You simply can’t go far without trust. If you experience any difficulties with trust – don’t let it erode your relationship. Even a little bit of mistrust can make your relationship toxic. Trust issues can addressed in healing work. Cultivate trust and be trustworthy. Our beloved can relax when they know that they can trust us completely and entirely.

17. Be truthful and authentic

Truthfulness and complete transparency are those vital qualities that keep your relationship pure. Sometimes we get confused about real factors that will make our relationship last and we try to be someone “cool and lovable” that we are not. Or we may be afraid to be judged by our partner. Speak from your heart. The most attractive quality is being your unique self. Another important detail here is also making our partner feel comfortable to express their essence. This becomes easy when there is no judgment.

18. Eat healthy food

Food affects how you feel. Eating processed, energetically “dead” food has very low nutritional value. Food dyes, artificial flavorings and GMO foods not only poison your body but they also mess up with your brain, weaken your immune system, and can easily throw you into depressive mood. Consciously made organic food is nurturing for your body, mind, and soul, as well as for your relationship.

19. Spend time in nature

Nature heals. It helps us unload the pressure of stress and rewire our brains to be more coherent with our hearts. Hiking, camping, or just taking a walk in a park can often do miracles. As we breathe fresh air and look at a natural landscape around us, our vibrations go up and with them shifts our perspective. Constant hurry is a habit that most of us have these days and it is not a healthy one. Spending time in nature also helps us slow down so we can relax and really see how precious the present moment is. I personally make sure I go on at least a short walk every single day, no matter how busy my schedule is as I absolutely love how it makes me feel.

These are the principles that my soulmate and I have found to be the foundation for a healthy and happy relationship. It took us 20 years to identify some of them yet they all can deepen connection and make your love more soulful.

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